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My passion has always been to create Jewelry pieces that suit our client's expectation. You will always deal with me or my colleagues and you will always have exactly what you are looking for. I am very passionate about making Jewelry and a bit of a perfectionist.
If you are looking for honest, fair prices and jewelry made right here rather than a factory of mass production, you have found your jeweler. I have been manufacturing jewelry for over 30 years. I am capable of creating anything you can imagine, if I can't make something it means it can't be done properly.

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Seduce or let yourself be seduced

Jewelry Repair

Repair a piece of jewelry damaged


Resize your jewelry to fit you perfectly

Custom Design

Design everything your want


Appraisal your jewelry to know its value


Engrave a text or a figure on your jewelry

Watch Battery

Replace watch battery

Watch Repair

Repair your watch

Watch Bands

Buy Watch Bands

Diamond Remount

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Resell your gold

We buy your gold

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